Happy Anniversary…

It seems that every blog I write starts with an apology for not writing in so long…Therefore I’m putting it out there now – the next blog will probably be around Christmas time 😆 if sooner it’ll be a bonus for you lovely peeps 😃

It’s been just over a year since I started my Keto way of life. I can’t believe it to be honest and in that time I’ve had no :
– sugar
– cheat days
– potatoes/rice/pasta/pastry
– alcohol
– sweets

I have:
– eaten loads of cauliflower, courgettes and swede
– eaten too many pork scratchings that I don’t really like them anymore!
– enjoyed a little bit of avocado
– got addicted to nuts
– started fasting most weeks (15 – 40hours)
– made lots and lots of new friends
– reversed my diabetes
– improved my health
– lost 5 stone 4lbs, so far
– dropped 3-4 dress sizes, so far
– become an ambassador for the fantastic Keto Fitness Club
– started running 3 times a week
– become more active

Lockdown – during this very unusual period I have enjoyed spending lots of time with Rosie & David and it has also given me the opportunity to build relationships with lots of lovely people on the KFC (Keto Fitness Club) group. So much so that I have been asked, and obviously accepted, to be an Ambassador for the company, along with a few others that have become good friends. I am honoured and so happy to be asked. It is a growing business (public page on fb has grown by over 4500 people in the last 5 months!) which has, is and will help improve the health of so many people. I’m going to take this opportunity to thank the group members for supporting me, giving me ideas, making me laugh, making me cry and encouraged me to buy a Ninja! Too many people to thank personally but you know who you are! 💕

Motivation wise I’m still loving this way of life and sure I bore so many people talking about it 😇 I have expanded my knowledge of different foods and been on an online cooking course with the lovely Sandie – The Spice Guy – David and I can now cook a mean curry 😀 I can now handle some heat – moved up from a korma 😆- however not one of David’s bad boy chillies 🌶 ! Our house has turned in to a greenhouse as David has found a new skill in growing them! Hot ones too!!!! I had one little nibble and thought I was going to never feel the same again!! 🥵 Sadly some of our friends and family have, and I’m sure will, partake in this very very hot experience😝

When I started this way of living and writing my blogs my main aim was to lose weight; this is now only one of my aims as I’ve gained so much more than I would have ever imagined. My weight loss is much slower than I originally hoped/planned, but I’m fine with this as I know that the weight will never go back on and I will only lose more. My health and fitness has improved and now I run – well jog! Who’d have thought?!?! 😝

Couch to 5k- I lost my running partner, Rosie, after a couple of weeks but gained a new running partner, my bestie – who is doing fab! I got to week 9 but found it hard so went back to week 7 for a few weeks to build up my stamina. I now do 25-28mins 3 times a week. Although there has been a heat wave last week and this week, so only been out once. Weirdly and unexpectedly I feel naughty and have missed it so back on it next week! I took one of the dogs, Buck, out one day a few weeks back but nearly killed him through exhaustion, so leave him at home now! 😊

To finish I wanted to say that if I can do this anyone can. Research, plan, have goals (not just weight loss) and give it a go! It’s a total change of mindset and you have to reach ‘outside the box’, change what you’ve been told in the past and don’t let others tell you otherwise!

Stay safe all and much love! XxX

Loads to tell you…

I’ve been meaning to write for ages and thought lockdown will give me loads of time, but been really busy! To be honest, I did start writing a few weeks back but forgot to save, so lost it all and then got annoyed so didn’t redo it 🙂 Today 4 different people have asked me to write another one so here goes!

Can’t believe I haven’t blogged since January – so much has happened. Obviously the terrible global situation but also with my health/ way of life. I’ve even had to reread my last blog to see where I left you!

Let’s start with January to Lockdown…so I did it, I went to the gym!!! I was going at least twice a week and loved it! My routine increased and I had some good gym buddies that I met up with at ridiculous times in the morning! It made me feel more energised for the day and gave me a healthy gloating glow 🙂 ‘Excuse my hair being wet, I’ve just had a shower as been to the gym!’ Lol! Unfortunately, due to C-19 I had to stop going, but I’ll be back!

Weight wise during that time I had not lost much at all, partly because I wasn’t counting my macros and building up muscle from the gym. I did not worry, a bit annoyed I suppose, but I know that with this WOE I am losing inches and becoming so much healthier 🙂

One massive thing during this time (1st Feb to be precise) was finding out about a Keto workshop happening in good ol’ Chelmo (my birth town and only 25mins away). My friend and I (who is also doing Keto) sceptically decided to go [N.b this friend is also my manager so I want to apologise to all our work colleagues as we are forever talking keto!] We loved it!

Mark and his daughter Ella (plus son and dog – but yet to meet them) run a company called Keto Fitness, that is all about living a low carb / keto lifestyle. It’s so down to earth; their cookbooks and recipes are all foods that you can get in the UK, usually from Aldi, and they answer any questions honestly and just want to help people. They have a fantastic Facebook site open to all and a website with loads of free info and recipes. You can, and I have, joined their private group. This includes regular zoom chats and group cooking sessions with some other fantastic and friendly people all in the same boat. It’s cheaper than the other ‘fat’ clubs and no ‘weigh ins’ or ‘clappy’ fake congrats when you’ve managed to not eat that cream bun! 🙂

I’ve found them so helpful and think they do a wonderful job and want to thank them and my new keto chums! 🙂

Enough of that…oh but before I do, this is my personal link to their website https://bit.ly/2KsExgJ. I do get 10% if you buy anything but I will be donating it to a charity 🙂 Loads of free stuff on the website too!

Lockdown to now…

So lockdown happened! 😦 Such a horrible time and selfishly a real wake up to me for a number of reasons. 1 being I am so grateful for the jobs David and I do as we are both working from home and being paid, grateful for Rosie being the age and mature gorgeous girl she is – she is often at the dining room table doing her homework before I start at 8.30am!

Grateful for all the NHS and key workers doing their wonderful jobs and grateful for technology, so I can stay in contact with my family and friends, especially building up on lost friendships with my 4 fabulous uni mates!

But it has also been a wake up call for me to get healthier!

One of the groups of people they said should self isolate first was if you have a BMI of over 40 – now I don’t particularly like BMI as think it’s out dated but my BMI was, is, over this. I decided that I would finish my teaching and then self isolate. It was scary to think that because I’ve been selfish and made myself this way that I had now put myself in a situation where I was more at risk of dying and leaving my beautiful Rozboz without a mum (Oh and my wonderful husband without a fantastic wife! 😉 ) So I knew I needed to ramp things up!!!

Like I said before, I was at a stall with my weight and could no longer go to the gym, so we started doing sexy Joe Wicks videos every morning (this lasted 2 weeks! 😂 ). I needed to do more! So I buckled down and have been for 2 weeks sticking rigidly to my macros. This means tracking my food. I use Fitness Pal, focusing on fats, carbs, protein and calories.

I have now lost……4 stone 8pounds in total!!! But I know, through comments and my clothes, that I’ve lost size too – especially my top half; thighs are another matter!!!

The other big transformation in my life is I am running! Me? Running??? I know right!!!

Rosie and I are doing the NHS’ Couch to 5k alongside their Strength&Flex programme. I say running…more like plodding along at the moment but week 1 is done and I’m enjoying it!

Hopefully in my next blog I will be able to tell you more and will post some current ‘before and after’ photos. For now here is a photo of me looking rather dashing after a run!

I know that at the end of my last blog I said I would write what I’ve been eating as some people are interested in this but obviously as I’ve been bad at updating I have bored you enough so am writing that on my fb group https://www.facebook.com/groups/2243327142639602/?ref=share. If you are interested go and have a nosey…

These are just some of the pictures of the food I have cooked – all keto/low carb and all no sugar!!!

Talking of no sugar, (she will kill me if I don’t mention it 🙂 ) Rosie for the last few weeks at school decided to go low sugar and did fantastically. She’s still lower then she was but during lockdown it has been harder for her to stick too. She is running with me and together we will come out of this horrible time much much healthier.

Stay safe all and I hope that for a few minutes reading this has put a smile on your face and maybe even inspired you!


Happy New Year!


Let me start by apologising for not writing before now – its been at the back of mind to do it (plus had lots of people ask me for it) but I’ve been so busy at work that I keep putting it off. First New Year resolution right there! 🙂

Weight Loss

I’m still eating lazy/dirty Keto and have lost 3 stone 11pounds and gone down at least 2 dress sizes in 5 months (saying that, I’ve never been one for buying new clothes so always squeezed in to what I had, so could be more!) Got clothes vouchers for Xmas so will be treating myself this year 😝

Weight loss is slower than I expected, however each week I’ve either lost or stayed the same, which is fab. I’ve seen more of a change, and so have others, in my body shape and how clothes fit. Need to keep saying to myself that losing it slower means it stays off!!! 

Excuse the photos – I’m not photogenic at all!!!

Health-wise I have a check up for the diabetes this Fri so will post about that later in the month (fingers crossed). I have noticed I don’t sweat as much, I’m more energetic and I prance around the front of the class more!! 😆 


This Christmas I had my bestie over with her family and had to make a decision on what to do food wise. I want this not to be a diet, but a way of life, but also not to put on weight by eating loads of carbs and sugar just because it’s Christmas, my birthday, Easter, holiday time etc.

So I ate low carb Christmas Day, meaning I stuck to under 150g of net carbs instead of my usual 20g. This allowed me to have a Yorkshire pud, gravy, stuffing, parsnips and a very small portion of Xmas pud-yum. As this WOE (way of eating) allows high fat [cheese, cream, nuts, eggs] I didn’t feel I was entirely missing out as these foods to me still scream out “not on a diet!” 😆

I haven’t eaten any chocolates (apart from a nibble of my 85% and 100% choc bought by Mr P [100% one is for hardcore fans so I’ve had to mix with other things!!]), mince pies, stöllen or cake this year and really don’t feel like I’ve missed out 😃

Downside of increasing carbs has meant I have come out of ketosis, which means I’m hungry more, especially in the mornings. Before Christmas I was not eating til lunch time as really didn’t feel hungry – I know this will come back when my body goes back in to producing ketones. 

Hopes For 2020

N.B. Started to write ‘New Year Resolutions’ as title but decided not to as some of these may not happen so they are my hopes instead 😜

So like many of you I’ve got a few New Year Hopes:

1. Obviously to carry on this WOE and get down to my target clothes size (not bothered by weight)

2. Exercise- as mentioned in a previous blog I will start exercising in the new year – the time has come and if I’m honest I’m pooing it!! 🤣 My lovely partner in crime has unfortunately left the college so our work gym plans can not go ahead, but I am going to book in an induction on my own and go from there…. 😬 

3. Between David, Rosie and myself we have a weight loss challenge and the winner gets a night away to a place of their choice, so if I win I’m hoping to do something a bit different to the usual, out of our comfort zones…more in future blogs…when I win, obvs! 🤪

4. Rosie has been extremely lucky and was one of 40 chosen out of 400 applicants to go on her 2021 school ski trip to Austria (was a big Xmas/Birthday present surprise) which means we will need to go to Ipswich dry ski slope for practices beforehand. I’m hoping by the end of the year I’ll be able to join in without restrictions and feeling fat/embarrassed 😞

5. To continue writing this blog without boring you all! 😂

Next blog

I get a lot of people ask me what I eat so I will focus on that in my next blog. 

I wish you all a Happy and a Healthy 2020 and thanks for reading my ramblings and continuing to support me! 😘

Apologies to my bin!

11 weeks in and 16kg down! 😀

I wasn’t sure what to write about in this blog but have been asked by a few people when the next instalment is, so here it is 🙂 
Work is back in full swing and I have had some lovely comments from my friends and colleagues and have had loads of support. Thanks guys 😘
It has made me think about how strange we are as humans, as we can’t take compliments. For example, many people have said ‘well done Gemma you are doing so well’ my reply is always ‘ ah thanks, but a long way to go!’ WHY? I should just say ‘thanks!’ We naturally seem to put ourselves down. I was going to say I will try and change but honestly don’t think I could or will 🙄
I have made a New Years resolution, which as soon as I made I regretted, but definitely have to do it now as it is in writing! 2 people in the office (you know who you are) are going to join me at the works gym. Why wait I hear you say? I still have a lot of weight left to go so I don’t yet feel confident in myself and know that I need to lose a few more stone before I can do exercise without killing myself 🙂 😀 Wish me luck! 🍀

I’m still sticking to the lazy keto WOE (way of eating), below 20g net carbs, but not counting fats or proteins.  I’m finding that when I’m not teaching or not doing much I get hungry and want food. However, I know this is psychological as my body is producing ketones which suppresses hunger; so it’s habit/addiction. 
I am a strong believer that over eating is an addiction and unlike drugs, fags or alcohol you need to eat to survive, so it’s hard to stop, keep it off and it will take years to change.
All my life I’ve had people say to me ‘well just eat healthy’ or ‘all you need is exercise and diet’ and yes I don’t disagree that this would help me lose weight, but it’s not that easy with an addiction!
I’m getting angry with myself whilst writing this as it does sound so easy, but I’m not a weak person and if it was that easy I would have done it. In fact I did do it but put the weight, plus some, back on 😢Hence my thoughts of it being an addiction and lots of help, support, love and time is definitely needed. 

Talking of time…I’m part of lots of Facebook keto WOE groups and it annoys me when people moan that they have not lost weight quick enough. The fact is that this is not a quick fix diet, it’s a way of eating and a lifestyle change. Loosing weight steadily is the best way to keep it off in the long term. 
I’m enjoying this WOE, although annoying as have to cook more, and I’m not saying I will never eat sugar or carbs again but I will never go back to the way I was eating.

I am enjoying it that much that I have started a low carb support/info page on fb and even thought about future business plans…(I can see family and friends eyes rolling! I will be a millionaire one day!) 🤑😆 🥴

David and Rosie have been as supportive as ever and join me in trying out new recipes, pictured below. Some were nice and some were errrr different 😬
As the title suggests, I do have to apologise to my lounge bin! 🗑 Himalayan pink salt tablets (needed for the potassium shortage) = 🤢 🤮 RIP 🗑 
Going to sign off now as Celebrity Coach Trip is on 🚌 😆 Bye! 

Oh, Oh, Oh I have forgotten the best news since my last post! Blood results….

Meaning I have reversed the diabetes already!!! 🥳 So pleased 😁

Right, definitely bye now as The Circle is on – I obviously watch this stuff to keep up to date with my students! 😏🤣😉

Not a diet!

Blog number 3…6 weeks in…10kg lost!

I want to start with a correction to my last blog. I had said I lost 8kg but reckon it was more like 6 or 7, my maths was a bit off as I weigh in stone but my food app measures in kg [no jokes please work people as I know my new role is Math Lead 😂]. But now at 10kg off I am very chuffed!

People have been so lovely and supportive and asking me about the diet and how it works. I’ve been doing a mixture of lazy and dirty Keto. Basically I have below 20g of net carbs a day, high levels of fat and mid levels of protein. A typical day consists of:

  • Breakfast: Coffee with cream, chia seeds (soaked overnight in water)with stevia and cream
  • Snack: Pork scratchings (be careful not to crack your tooth as I have done this week!)
  • Lunch: Edam tortillas with cream cheese
  • Snack: Coffee with cream
  • Dinner: Chicken stuffed with mozzarella and basil, wrapped in bacon with  cauliflower mash 
  • Dessert: Low cal jelly with cream

There is lots of medical evidence about the benefits of a low carb way of eating with higher fats, I would highly recommend a Netflix documentary called The Magic Pill and Big Fat Nutrition Policy on YouTube. 

One of my current thoughts is because this is a life change and not a ‘diet’ I don’t feel I’m cheating when I’m eating ‘allowed’ ingredients.  In past diets using ‘allowed’ ingredients to make forbidden foods was a ‘cheat’ so this a strange habit to break. Therefore I’m looking forward to trying new recipes, however, some of my recent creations have not been the greatest…Keto shortbread – it was disgusting! Looked ok but the taste was…cold! How is cold a taste?! It was so grim 🙂 Think it’s the sweetener we used so going to change it and try again; will keep you posted! 

This week in particular has been hard as I’ve started back at work full time, my mum was visiting from IOW, my daughter, who is growing up way to fast, has started Secondary school and my sister visited from Stoke, so we celebrated. Why is it we celebrate with food?  Let’s celebrate and go out for a meal! Let’s celebrate and get a takeaway! Let’s celebrate with cake! The latter for me did not happen: the others did. BUT I stuck to my plan; Chicken wrapped in bacon and cheese with salad, burger ‘no bun’ and chicken shish kebab, without the pita. It can be done! 
Oh, I’ve also stopped fasting for the time being as concentrating on the carbs and once I hit a stall in weight loss I will start fasting again. 

I am finding it embarrassing having lots of fat and being allowed to eat cheese and cream. But keep reminding myself that I could go to Starbucks and have a cake and latte (previously we would have done this weekly) or have a hot meal deal in the canteen and people wouldn’t bat an eyelid. However realistically that is loads more fat and calories than having cream in my coffee or eating some pork scratchings!
Plus why should I actually care and worry about what others think?! Life is funny; we worry far too much about it. I think with age we get more ‘I don’t care what they think’ but it’s still there and can really hurt. Sad, really 😦

What is ‘sad’ is our current guilty pleasure, watching Gemma Collins’ TV programme (for those who don’t know her, she is a reality TV star who is very Essexy, loud and a self confessed diva. She is also a larger lady) and although she annoys the hell out of me I would like some of her ‘don’t care’ attitude! She also owns a larger ladies boutique in Brentwood and my plan is to treat myself and go there when I’ve lost a few more clothes sizes! 🙂 Told you – SAD! 😉 

What else have I got to bore you with….oh I know probably the most important thing! I had a phone call from the Diabetes Nurse and spoke to her about my weight loss and stopping the medication etc. she was so happy and agreed with stopping the medication. I have to redo my bloods this week but it’s looking like I may have reversed the diabetes already! 🥳 Yay! Also had opticians who said my eyes were good and not showing any signs of high/low blood sugars 👁👁

Think I’ve gone on enough so thanks again for reading you lovely people!
Gem Xxx

P.S. My clothes, especially my trousers, are getting too big and I’m praying they don’t fall down mid teaching! 

P.P.S. You will be pleased to know my toilet issue from blog 1 is no longer a problem! 🙂 However, I am paranoid about ‘Keto bad breath’ and apologise to anyone that has to stand near me! 

P.P.S. I also now have an Instagram account, as well as my Facebook that shows some the foods I am eating… gemlowcarb… come follow me!

Holiday time…

Hi again. 
Firstly, let me thank everyone that read my first post and those that took the time and effort to comment, text or pm me! I was, and still am, overwhelmed by the response! I won’t lie, I cried lots! It was a big shock and a….. I suppose a reassurance in a strange way, to know that lots of people are or know someone that is Type 2 diabetic or pre-diabetic, but controlling it and living a ‘normal’ happy life 🙂 There is lots of light at the end of this looooong tunnel 🙂 
So, I’m 3 weeks in to a healthier me 🙂  In that time I’ve been to the zoo, been crabbing lots, been on holiday for a week with Rosie to visit my mum in the Isle of Wight, been to an outdoor cinema (didn’t watch the film but helped save a life!), celebrated a ‘non wedding’ wedding, celebrated my 8th wedding anniversary, melted in the hot weather and have still stuck to below 40g of carbs a day! I’ve lost a fabulous 8kg and although still feel icky because of the tablets I am chuffed to bits, only another 100000kg to go! 😂 
To get to the IOW we took a long 6 hour coach journey, but it gave me lots of time to sleep and also to think why am I doing this (apart from the diabetes obvs) and what do I want to achieve: 
  1. I want to be able to look in a mirror (I hate doing this currently and will not look in detail in a full view one!) 
  2. I want to go to the theatre or cinema and not worry about fitting in the chairs, actually I want to be able to sit in any chair without worrying, especially plastic garden chairs.
  3. I want to be able to go in any shop to buy clothes. 
  4. I want to not worry about my legs rubbing or sweaty boobs!
  5. I want to not worry about eating in public and thinking people are thinking ‘that fatty should just stop eating!’ 
  6. I want to not worry about seatbelts in cars fitting (especially my mums 4×4 – big car does not equal big seatbelts!) 
  7. I want to curl up in a chair.
  8. I want to do things without worrying about weight restrictions (some things you wouldn’t even think about if you didn’t have a weight issue – massage beds/ bikes/ running machines/ rides/ chair lifts/ 4D cinema/ water flumes)
  9. I want to not make excuses for not walking places as know I’ll be a sweaty mess if I did! 
  10. I want to not snore and therefore not have to sleep in the ‘snoring room!’ 
  11. I want to not worry or feel embarrassed when the office chair squeaks, or any chair/ bench/ piece of furniture to be honest.
  12. I want to not bump into people when going through crowds.
  13. I want to take my lovely daughter, nieces, nephew and ‘sort of’ God daughters out and not be held back by my weight and unfitness! 
  14. I want to go in a small boat and not worry if I fall in as I’ll be able to heave myself back in. 
  15. I want to go swimming/ walk down the road/ dance on a dance floor/ sing karaoke without worrying that people are looking at me in disgust!

But I suppose most of all I want to live! I want to be a Grandma and retire to Norfolk, Suffolk or Scotland and get a cottage by the water with a motorised boat! 🙂 

I know I’m never going to be Size 6 but I want to be healthier. I know even when I am I will still have some of these worries and concerns and I’m sure lots of people have the same worries who are healthy/thinner, but I think life will just be easier in some strange way.

So how am I doing it? I’ve downloaded a few different apps, read lots online and spoken to different people and the best way for me at the moment is fasting for 16 hours every day then low carb, mid fat and high protein food. A bit like Keto diet if you’ve heard of that. But simplified I have totally cut out all bread, potatoes, rice, pasta and sugary foods.  Cheese, chicken, pork scratchings, eggs and mushrooms are currently my life! 

David asked me today what I’m missing the most and the answer is lattes! (I bet JF is laughing at this!!) It’s true I’m having black coffee in my fasting time and then having to have an Americano with a dash of milk or cream. (Yes cream, lot less carbs then milk – who knew!?!) But I am missing cake too, oh and chips, oh and bread, oh and….only joking – honestly I’m not finding it too bad currently, I’ve even been out and had burgers without the bun!

Exercise – hmmmm still my downfall, but I know, I WILL, do more once I’ve lost weight and I have the energy and feel less embarrassed. 
I am so pleased with myself so far and so grateful for all the support I’ve been given, especially by Mr P and RosBoz (even when you take the pee about me working out my carbs!). I know I have an awfully long way to go, but this time I’ll do it and I WILL keep it off – just no getting pregnant this time! I WILL reverse this disease, but keep the free prescription please 😉 🙂 

Next goals: By Christmas I want to have lost another 20kg, started an exercise routine, to have gone clothes shopping for me with Rosie in ‘normal shops’ and learnt where to buy and cooked with almond flour! 🙂 
My next big challenge is work, I’ll keep you posted….thanks again for reading xx

The Journey Begins

‘Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.’ — Izaak Walton


This is the first post of hopefully many about my weight loss journey.

I have had a couple of people ask me to start writing again but didn’t really want to as my diet / exercise had decreased loads over the past few years and have been at my heaviest ever. However, after some embarrassing and scary news from the doctors I HAVE to do it!

I’ve been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, yep the fat persons illness! 😦 You might be thinking ‘shut up Gemma, anyone can get it!’ but research does show the main reason is obesity, so I won’t ‘shut up!’ 😝

I’ve been told it is definitely reversible by weight loss, more exercise and Metformin medication, so from the moment I left the docs* I started planning and reading with lots of help from Mr P!

*which was an embarrassment in itself- hottest day of the year and I had to have my feet checked for a heart beat, something I didn’t realise would be happening. For those who know me well, I love my crocs but these + hot weather = sweaty feet!! Poor nurse! 😂

So, my plan currently is 16:8 fasting (fast for 16hrs, eat for 8), low carb, high fat/protein and more exercise. Done lots of research into best diets to reverse diabetes and this seems the best, worth a go!

Exercise – I would describe myself as lazy! I love my sleep and watching TV. Many people have commented in the past that I can not be lazy as I do so much, especially at work (Head of Staff Association don’t you know! 😆) but when I get home that’s it! So I’m starting slow…we live in a 3 storey house so I’m going up and down 3 times in a row once a day – which is bloody knackering! I will increase this when I feel it’s getting easier. I also want to start swimming again, I’ll keep you posted…

Weight loss – so I have been doing the above for a week and already lost over half a stone which is fantastic! Downside is (I am sorry and warn you now that I will be writing some stuff in my blogs that you might think is TMI, but I would like this to be a blog to help others so the downsides are a necessity!) this has caused my period to start (very very irregular usually) and the medication has left me pooing only once a day (I used to be 3+ a day) and very noisily and violently! (I did warn you!) Really hoping this is a short term side effect!

Why am I doing this?

Doing the blog- like I said above, to help others in similar situations but also for help. I know lots of friends and family will read this and I need you to help me! Encourage me, congratulate me, tell me off and NOT let me have that sausage roll at break time! (Omg I will miss them!)

Doing the diet- obviously because being told I have, and always will have (albeit hopefully in remission) type 2 diabetes is terrifying and embarrassing! But the most important reason is my beautiful, funny, intelligent, moody but caring daughter! (Have tears as I write this!) I’ve been selfish! I’ve not been able to run in the mums race at sports day, I’ve not been able to take her on roller coasters, I’ve not been able to roll around on the floor tickling her or gone rollerskating together and it’s all because I’ve been too fat! I’m so sorry Rosie! I love you so much and want to be there for you in the future so I promise I will try my hardest to do this and be the mother I should be!

I also want to do this for my patient, kind, grumpy and loving husband! David I know we sometimes bicker but I love you and doing this together will mean lots more happy years together and better…………….. holidays!

So, this is my first entry done, hope I haven’t bored you too much and I hope you read my future blogs, I plan to write a few times a month.

Love to all,

Gem xxx